MF_LUinv MD_LUinv ME_LUinv
MFb_LUinv MDb_LUinv MEb_LUinv
MCFb_LUinv MCDb_LUinv MCEb_LUinv
MFb_LUinv_sizeBuf MDb_LUinv_sizeBuf MEb_LUinv_sizeBuf
MCFb_LUinv_sizeBuf MCDb_LUinv_sizeBuf MCEb_LUinv_sizeBuf
Functioninvert a matrix already decomposed into LU form
Syntax C/C++#include <MFstd.h>
void MF_LUinv( fMatrix MInv, fMatrix MLU, uiVector Ind, ui len );
void MFb_LUinv( fMatrix MInv, fMatrix MLU, uiVector Ind, ui len, fVector Buf );
ui MFb_LUinv_sizeBuf( ui len );
C++ MatObj#include <OptiVec.h>
void matrix<T>::LUinv( const matrix<T>& MLU, const vector<ui>& Ind );
void matrix<T>::b_LUinv( const matrix<T>& MLU, const vector<ui>& Ind );
ui matrix<T>::b_LUinv_sizeBuf();
Pascal/Delphiuses MFstd;
procedure MF_LUinv( MInv, MLU:fMatrix; Ind:uiVector; len:UIntSize );
procedure MFb_LUinv( MInv, MLU:fMatrix; Ind:uiVector; len:UIntSize; Buf:fVector );
function MFb_LUinv_sizeBuf( len:UIntSize ):UIntSize;
DescriptionMF_LUinv inverts a matrix already decomposed into LU form. Along with the matrix MLU, its permutation indices are needed in the vector Ind as output by MF_LUdecompose.

This function needs buffer memory. The "normal" versions (prefixes MF_, MCF_ etc.) allocate it themselves, whereas the version with the prefixes MFb_, MCFb_ etc. take a vector Buf as an additional argument. The required size of Buf is given by MFb_inv_sizeBuf (in terms of elements of the respective data type).

See alsochapter 10

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