MF_LUDsetEdit MD_LUDsetEdit ME_LUDsetEdit
MCF_LUDsetEdit MCD_LUDsetEdit MCE_LUDsetEdit
Functionset pivot-editing threshold for LU decomposition
Syntax C/C++#include <MFstd.h>
void MF_LUDsetEdit( float Thresh );
void MCF_LUDsetEdit( float Thresh );
C++ MatObj#include <OptiVec.h>
void matrix<T>::LUDsetEdit( const T& Thresh );
Pascal/Delphiuses MFstd;
procedure MF_LUDsetEdit( Thresh:Single );
procedure MCF_LUDsetEdit( Thresh:Single );
DescriptionSet the default pivot-editing threshold for MF_LUdecompose,   MF_inv, and MF_solve. As this function is not thread-safe (if different threads call it with different values for thresh, the actual threshold will be undefined), it should not be used to set various thresholds for multiple calls to the functions mentioned. In this case, do not define a default threshold at all, but call the "wEdit" variants of the respective function, i.e., MF_LUdecomposewEdit,   MF_invwEdit, or MF_solvewEdit.

Complex versions: The threshold is always real. In MF_LUdecompose, both the real and imaginary parts of possible pivots are compared to it. In case both are smaller, the division is performed with the real number thresh as the divisor.

To read the current threshold, use MF_LUDgetEdit

See alsochapter 10

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