FunctionPrint an error message.
Syntax C/C++#include <VecLib.h>
void V_printErrorMsg( char *ErrMsg );
Pascal/Delphiuses VecLib;
procedure V_printErrMsg( ErrMsg: PChar );
DescriptionAs described in connection with V_noteError, this function is in charge of printing error messages. By default, output is directed to the screen. The function V_setErrorEventFile may be used to redirect the output into an event file (exclusively or in addition to the screen message). V_printErrorMsg may be called from user-defined routines in which error conditions are detected. If the message is longer than one line, carriage returns ("\n" or "\r\n" for C/C++, #13 for Pascal/Delphi) have to be included at the desired place.
Return valuenone
See alsoV_setErrorEventFile,   V_noteError,   _matherr (C/C++ only)

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