FunctionNatural logarithm: Pascal/Delphi only!
Syntaxuses xmath;
function log( x:Extended x ): Extended;
function logd( x:double x ): Double;
DescriptionThe logarithm of the argument to the basis e is calculated and the result returned. The "extended" version of this function is almost identical to the built-in Pascal function Ln. Only the error handling occurs via the same handler as for the other OptiVec functions, rather than via the built-in handler of Pascal. The "double"-version, logd, is slightly faster.
Error handlingA DOMAIN error with NAN ("not-a-number") as return value results from x < 0 (including -0). A SING error with -HUGE_VAL as return value results from x=0.
Return valueThe natural logarithm of the argument is returned.
See alsolog2,   log2d,   log10,   log10d,   VF_log

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