FunctionCross-product of two vectors.
Syntax C/C++#include <VFstd.h>
void VF_xprod( fVector Z, fVector X, fVector Y );
C++ VecObj#include <OptiVec.h>
void vector<T>::xprod( const vector<T>& X, const vector<T>& Y );
Pascal/Delphiuses VFstd;
procedure VF_xprod( Z, X, Y:fVector );
DescriptionZ = X x Y
The cross-product of X and Y is calculated. Since this operation is defined specifically for vectors representing three dimensions in the geometrical sense, there is no parameter "size" for this function. The number of elements is 3 for each of the participating vectors, implicitly.
Error handlingnone
Return valuenone
See alsoVF_scalprod,   VF_Euclid

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