FunctioncudaOptiVec only: De-allocate a single pinned host-memory vector
CUDA function C/C++#include <cudaVecLib.h>
int cudaV_pinnedFree( void *h_X );
CUDA function Pascal/Delphiuses VecLib;
function cudaV_pinnedFree( h_X:Pointer ): IntBool;
DescriptionThe pinned host-memory vector X is freed (i.e. de-allocated). This function needs the host address (not the device address!) of the pinned vector as an argument. To free several pinned vectors simultaneously, use cudaV_pinnedNfree (C/C++ only).
Error handlingTrying to free a pinned vector that has already been freed, or that has never been allocated memory, leads to a warning message "Cannot free non-existent vector". Program execution is continued without freeing anything in this case.
Return valueFALSE (0) in case of success, otherwise TRUE (non-zero)
See alsoCudaOptiVec.htm, chapter 3,   cudaV_pinnedNfree,   cudaV_pinnedFreeAll,   cudaVF_pinnedVector

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