FunctionDe-allocate pinned host memory occupied by one or more vectors.
CUDA function C/C++#include <cudaVecLib.h>
int cudaV_pinnedNfree( unsigned numfree, ... );
DescriptionThe parameter numfree "tells" the function how many vectors it has to free. The host pointers of these vectors follow in the parameter list after numfree. Only vectors which have been allocated by one of the functions of the cudaVF_pinnedVector or cudaVF_pinnedVector0 family can be de-allocated by cudaV_pinnedNfree.
If device pointers are mistakenly used rather than the host pointers, an error message is displayed.
Pascal/Delphi: since a variable number of parameters is not supported in Pascal language, this function is missing.
Example C/C++cudaV_pinnedNfree( 3, h_X, h_Y, h_Z );
Return valueFALSE (0) in case of success, otherwise TRUE (non-zero)
See alsoCudaOptiVec.htm, chapter 3,   cudaV_pinnedFree,   cudaV_pinnedFreeAll,   cudaVF_pinnedVector,   cudaVF_pinnedVector0

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