FunctionModify the line thickness used in plotting functions
Syntax C/C++#include <Vgraph.h>
void V_setLineThickness( unsigned linethickness );
Pascal/Delphiuses Vgraph;
procedure V_setLineThickness( linethickness:UInt );
DescriptionThe line thickness used in the plotting functions VF_xyAutoPlot,   VCF_autoPlot, etc., is set to linethickness. To reset the default value, call V_setLineThickness with linethickness = 1.
There are only two possible values for linethickness:
   C/C++: NORM_WIDTH = 1 and THICK_WIDTH = 3.
   Pascal/Delphi: NormWidth = 1 and ThickWidth = 3.
Any value of linethickness below 3 is interpreted as NORM_WIDTH, any value above 3 is taken as THICK_WIDTH.
Any value of linethickness between 1 and 500 is allowed, useful values ranging from 1 to about 10. A minimum thickness of one pixel is always secured, even if linethickness is set to 0. Note that broken or dotted lines are plotted accurately only with a linethicknes of 1. At higher values of linethickness, all lines will look like solid lines. Thicker lines are plotted considerably slower than thinner ones.
Error handlingDOS: "silent" correction of the input value.
Windows: A value of linethickness greater than 500 leads to a warning message "Cannot use line thicker than 500 pixels." Program execution is continued with linethickness set to 500.
Return valuenone
See alsoVF_xyAutoPlot,   V_setSymbolSize

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