FunctionModify the size of the symbols used in plotting functions
Syntax C/C++#include <Vgraph.h>
void V_setSymbolSize( float symsiz );
Pascal/Delphiuses Vgraph;
procedure V_setSymbolSize( symsize:Single );
DescriptionThe size of the symbols used in the plotting functions VF_xyAutoPlot,   VCF_autoPlot, etc., is modified by scaling with symsiz. To reset the symbol size to the default value, call V_setSymbolSize with symsiz=1.0. Note that it is not possible to make the symbols completely vanish (e.g., by setting symsiz = 0.0), since a minimum radius of one pixel is always secured. Useful values of symsiz range from about 0.5 to 5.0. Values above 50.0 are prohibited.

When magnifying the symbols, you should also consider modifying the thickness of the connecting lines, if you are using any. See V_setLineThickness.

Note: An automatic scaling is always performed in order to maintain a constant relation between the symbol size and the overall size of the coordinate grid (which is especially important for Windows applications). The factor symsiz of this function scales the symbol size with respect to the automatically-found value. The automatic scaling cannot be switched off.

Error handlingA value of symsiz greater than 50.0 leads to a warning message "Cannot scale symbols by more than a factor of 50.0". Program execution is continued with symsiz set to 50.0.
Return valuenone
See alsoVF_xyAutoPlot,   V_setLineThickness

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