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Download a Shareware Version

Current version: 7.0.7

To let you "try before buy" our products, evaluation versions are available for free download.
These Shareware versions of OptiVec and CMATH can be used for a full 90 days, before they cease functioning and remind you to get a registered copy.

The Shareware version of OptiVec comes with the following libraries:

  1. 64-bit P8 general-purpose library (down-compatible to Core2Duo and AMD64x2)
  2. 64-bit P9M library, requiring 4th-generation Intel Core i (Haswell+) or AMD Excavator+, with auto-threading for multi-core processing and use of AVX, AVX2 and FMA3 for highest performance
  3. 32-bit P4D debug library for full floating-point accuracy with the widest range of processor and operating system compatibility (down to 486DX / Pentium / Ahtlon and for all 32-bit Windows versions).
  4. 32-bit P8M library with auto-threading for multi-core processing on processors ranging from the current ones down to Core2Duo or AMD64x2.

The Shareware version of CMath comes as the P4 and P8 libraries.

The accompanying documentation consists of HTML files to be read with a browser like Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. (Note: Older versions of Microsoft IE sometimes crash when loading these large files).

OptiVec forCMATH for
Microsoft Visual Studio Microsoft Visual Studio
Embarcadero / Borland C++ Builder (RAD Studio) C++ Builder (RAD Studio)
Embarcadero / Borland Delphi Delphi

Download the documentation alone (without sample files):

OptiVec: English CMATH: English
OptiVec: German CMATH: German


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