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Download a Shareware Version

Current version: 8.2.4

To let you "try before buy" our products, evaluation versions are available for free download.
These Shareware versions of OptiVec and CMATH can be used for a full 90 days, before they cease functioning and remind you to get a registered copy.

The Shareware version of OptiVec comes with the following libraries:

  1. 64-bit P8 debug library (down-compatible to Core2Duo and AMD64x2)
  2. 64-bit P9M library, requiring 4th-generation Intel Core i (Haswell+) or AMD Excavator+, with auto-threading for multi-core processing and use of AVX, AVX2 and FMA3 for highest performance (which will be reached only for "heavy-weight" functions, however! If used in an app consisting mostly of light-weight functions like VF_addC, VF_round etc., some older processors react on the AVX2 instructions with down-clocking, so that the overall performance gets slower than with P8!)
  3. 32-bit P4D debug library for full floating-point accuracy with the widest range of processor and operating system compatibility (down to 486DX / Pentium / Ahtlon and for all 32-bit Windows versions).
  4. 32-bit P8M library with auto-threading for multi-core processing on processors ranging from the current ones down to Core2Duo or AMD64x2.

The Shareware version of CMath comes as the P8 and P4 (32-bit only) libraries.

The accompanying documentation consists of HTML files to be read with a browser like Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. (Note: Older versions of Microsoft IE sometimes crash when loading these large files).

OptiVec forCMATH for
Microsoft Visual Studio Microsoft Visual Studio
Embarcadero / Borland C++ Builder (RAD Studio) C++ Builder (RAD Studio)
Embarcadero / Borland Delphi Delphi
Lazarus / FreePascal Lazarus / FreePascal
Linux GCC / CLang Linux GCC / CLang
Windows:Unzip the downloaded file into an intermediate location and run Install.exe.
Linux;The downloaded file is a "tarball". Extract it by typing
   tar -zxf ovlxc.tgz     or
   tar -zxf cmlxc.tgz     respectively.

Download the documentation alone (without sample files):

OptiVec: English CMATH: English
OptiVec: German CMATH: German


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