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We are grateful to the sites that help you find our products on the internet. Pay them a visit to find other resources that might be useful for you!
Please note that we have no influence whatsoever on the contents of these sites and cannot accept any responsibility for the products and services offered on them. In legal terms, as stipulated by German law: Herewith we explicitly distance ourselvses from the contents of the sites linked to below.

Sites specifically for programmers:

Available C++ libraries FAQ:

Programmers Heaven: Programmers Heaven - Where programmers go!

General shareware sites featuring a well-maintained category "developer", "programmer", or similar:

Unfortunately, several of the previously good sites have turned into payed advertisement sites instead of selecting and listing software according to its usefulness and quality. But there are still some holding out: Simtel Free Software Downloads

TOTALSHAREWARE.COM - The Source for Shareware and Freeware highspeed downloads

Brother Soft:

X64bitDownload: 64bit compatible - X 64-bit Download


Sites offering related resources: has a nice page explaining programming to beginners; many useful links.

To browse a keyword map of the Internet, see

Inform yourself about library science at: Library Science.

Meade telescopes, telescope eyepieces, & ccd cameras: Astronomy Telescopes from Meade, Celestron, TeleVue, Takahashi, accessories and eyepieces, CCD imaging cameras from SBIG and more.

Industrial pc, vme, & compact pci products: Kontron offers industrial PC products such as vme, compact pci, picmg, embedded control, and more.

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